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A Specialist provider of Professional & HSE training for businesses.

Mehmood Ahmed Sardar


Elite Training and Consultancy


The continued resilience of the Elite Training and Consultancy is born of our collective efforts to achieve positive change, and we must sustain our newfound momentum by embodying compassion and excellence and reviving a culture of integrity in our pursuits. May the vision of Elite Training and Consultancy provide a platform for augmenting your knowledge and expanding your professional networks towards the advancement of education to advance your careers as professionals in any field as we aim to establish not just a community, but also an integrated, equitably progressive institution in the coming years.

Our rapidly shifting environment demands a convergence of strengths as we face the challenges and adapt to the changes around us. Let us work as one collective, ready and determined to uplift our society, for our solidarity and vigor will enable us to prevail over all obstacles that may come our way.

With an expert staff and a wide variety of learning options available to you, we make education fun, enjoyable and most of all effective.

Ultimately, you are the one to choose your career path. Our goal is to provide the guidance and education required to meet your goals. You will be investing in yourself and your future, and everyone here at Elite Training and Consultancy will do everything they can to support you on your journey.